Frequently Asked Questions

How can I commence using TheCreativeWeb services ?

Once you choose us as your web partner, We ask you to give us project specifications in the particular format you are comfortable with. But if you have the necessary resources, you can give us elaborate description of your project in terms of functionality and site flow. You can provide this in Microsoft Word or PDF or Microsoft Power Point format. After the scope of the project is clearly defined, we will give you a quote. After you approve our quote, we will commence work and offer you regular updates on progress.

How can I be certain about your work quality ?

We allow our clients to supervise the project development process entirely. You can observe and review the material results of each stage of development. We also offer Status Reports. If you want, you can also go through the Status Report of your project. The entire scope of work is described at the initial stage of development.

Do you offer a fixed price quote or work on hourly basis ?

We work both on fixed price quote and on hourly basis. For small projects, we usually prefer work on hourly basis. For the larger projects, we generally offer you a fixed price quote.